Handgun 201 starts the next level of training. This course will help the student understand what and how their body reacts to critical confrontations, and how to improve their fundamental shooting speed and accuracy. The student will also learn how to conduct speed/tactical reloads, and clear weapon malfunctions. Through the course, the student will understand certain factors that will affect deviation while they are in the context of a critical incident. You will learn how to draw from a holster and more. 

This class is led by our Chief Instructor, Paul White. Paul brings exceptional firearms expertise and tactical experience and will serve as the Chief Instructor and Range Safety Officer. He is a Sig Sauer certified Master Instructor in all three disciplines taught at Texas Gun Club including the Rifle, Handgun, and Shotgun. Sig Sauer focuses on the “S.I.G.” principle, meaning Simple Is Good. So not only has he mastered the essential skills of each firearms platform but he has mastered a proven instruction technique to teach students sound tactics in less time. Additionally, Paul is certified to teach: Live-Fire Entry for First Responders, Tactical First Aid, The Carbine Course, The Glock Firearms Course, Basic and Tactical Shotgun and the AK-47 Rifle Course. He is a certified FBI Firearms Instructor and an Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Instructor. Paul also teaches the Sure Fire Low-Light course and of course, the Texas License to Carry Course.


Class Title: Handgun 201

  • Class duration: 2 hours
  • Range duration: approximately 1 hour
  • Cost: $149


  • Handgun 101, Level I Proficiency Certificate of Training or Equivalent or pre-qualification by TGC Instructor

Course Includes:

  • Hearing protection
  • Range Fees
  • Target

Topics Include:

  • Handgun 101 review
  • Concealment carry & holsters
  • Mental conditioning and physiological effects of a gunfight
  • Principles of combat shooting
  • Presentation from holster and recovery
  • Tactical and administrative loading and unloading
  • Malfunction and failure drills

Equipment Required:

  • Handgun
  • Ammunition – 200 rounds FMJ (brass)
  • 3 magazines
  • Gun holster
  • Double magazine carrier
  • Sturdy belt
  • Eye/Ear protection
  • Cleaning kit
  • Notepad/Pen

Handguns are available for rent or purchase. All other equipment and ammunition are available for purchase at TGC.

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class.