Skill Builders are short 30-45 minute courses designed to focus students on specific shooting skills. Students are able to take skill builders in lieu of traditional coursework Once all skill builders are completed, students can schedule an appointment with a firearms instructor to complete the Level I (Beginner) Shooting assessment. Once the student has completed Level I skills, completed the Level I skills assessment or can shot other competency training, they can move on to more advanced level training.

Skill Builders include a short presentation on various topics including: Presentation of a firearm from the holster, tactical reloads, considerations of concealed carry, cover, and concealment, off hand shooting, malfunctions, survival mindset, shooting on the move.


Class Title: Skillbuilder Training

  • Monday – Thursday
  • 6:30 PM – 7:00 PM
  • Cost: $20 | Free for Texan, Elite, Experience and Republic Members (Please sign up in person or over the phone to get your discount.)

Course Includes:

  • Classroom instruction only

Handguns are available for rent or purchase.
Ammunition is available for purchase.


In order to get your discount for Skill Builders classes, please sign up in person or over the phone.


Texan, Elite, Experience and Republic Members: Please sign up in person or over the phone to get your discount.